Admissions: how Scottish universities aim to be fair

A guarantee of fairness when applying to university in Scotland

The admissions process for getting to university can be a struggle for some people to comprehend. We wanted to make it clearer.

This guide has been developed after several years of discussions about university admissions. It was felt that what was required was a document that was capable of giving clear and consistent information for all potential applicants of all backgrounds as well as the people who support them in order to help people in the decision-making process.

We have produced this guide and want it to be read widely to help university applicants, teachers, guidance staff, parents, guardians and anyone interested in university admissions.

The guide has been produced with the input of 18 of Scotland’s universities* and Universities Scotland’s own admissions working group. The admissions working group includes representatives from our membership as well as NUS Scotland, School Leaders Scotland, Colleges Scotland, UCAS and the Scottish Funding Council.

* The Open University in Scotland does not set entry requirements for its courses.

Key Points:

This publication offers clear information on:

  • How universities guarantee fairness when applying to university in Scotland.
  • Qualifications and other information used to apply to university.


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