University of Glasgow at heart of virus research

The University of Glasgow is supporting the COVID-19 response with its Centre for Virus Research (CVR), which was named as one of 13 key centres in a pan-UK alliance of scientists working on COVID-19 whole genome sequencing.

Scientists at the CVR are working in partnership with colleagues across the UK on a range of research areas related to the new coronavirus, including working closely with colleagues in Public Health England to understand linkages across the UK in an effort to shut down ongoing transmission in real-time.

Professor Massimo Palmarini, Director of the CVR, said:

“The CVR and its scientists are at the centre of Scotland’s – and the UK’s – response to the current outbreak. As the largest group of virologists in the UK with the facilities to handle samples from infected patients, we are well placed to conduct pivotal research into emerging diseases such as COVID-19.

The CVR will use its labs to sequence the genome of the virus from confirmed Scottish patients, and work with partners to map how COVID-19 spreads and behaves in populations around the UK. It is hoped that the genetic code could arm public health agencies and clinicians with a unique, cutting-edge tool to combat COVID-19.

Professor Palmarini continued:

“In the coming weeks and months, our scientists will continue to work in collaboration with the whole COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium, sequencing the virus, as well as conducting further research into SARS-CoV-2, its mechanisms of action and potential therapies.”