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We’ve submitted written evidence to the UK Parliament’s Scottish Affairs Committee to inform their inquiry into post-Brexit trade.

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Universities set out 15 actions which create the potential for a big step forward in widening access.

Universities Scotland is the representative body of Scotland's 19 higher education institutions. We develop policy on behalf of the university sector and campaign publicly on higher education issues.

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It has never been easier for business to innovate with universities. Universities have worked hard over the past two years to deliver a five-point plan for greater innovation in Scotland. This includes engagement with the business community and more enterprising and entrepreneurial students with mind-set to start their own ventures. #business-minded


the real value of T

The Teaching Grant, or ‘T’ grant, is the funding that higher education institutions receive to provide an undergraduate education to every Scottish and EU domiciled student. The Teaching Grant enables dedicated and committed staff, in a variety of different roles, to make the student experience what it is. That’s the real value of the university Teaching Grant.

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