Aberdeen medics join COVID-19 fight

Medical students at the University of Aberdeen are graduating early to help support the NHS in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The graduation date of final year medical students has been brought forward by two months with guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC). The new doctors will begin work in a “supported and supervised environment” across Scotland and the UK by the end of April.

Professor Rona Patey, director of the Institute for Education in Medical and Dental Sciences at Aberdeen University, said:

“Our medical graduates will begin their careers by applying their skills and knowledge to support the response to an unprecedented world health crisis.

“We are immensely proud of their achievements and are confident that they are prepared and ready for the challenges ahead.”

The student cohort will swear an oath which has been taken by Aberdeen medical graduates since the 1880s which marks “their success and transition into one of the world’s most trusted professions”.

Callum Eddie, 23 and from Aberdeen, will spend the next two years working as a junior doctor in his home city. His mother is a GP. He said: