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Connecting Scotland – How the Scottish Government and its agencies engage internationally

In autumn 2014, the European and External Relations Committee of the Scottish Parliament agreed to conduct an inquiry into “Connecting Scotland: how Scotland can engage most effectively in a globalising world”.  The Inquiry consisted of  four-strands to consider how the Scottish Government and its agencies engage internationally, and how Scottish organisations engage internationally.

Our submission to the first strand of the committee’s Inquiry considers the following key strategic issues:

  • recognition of HEIs’ role as a key force for Scotland’s international impact, reflected in the refreshed Economic Strategy and  International Framework;
  • dialogue in the development and operation of One Scotland partnerships to ensure that these enhance the existing support for institutions’ significant and diverse international links
  • levels of investment which are competitive in OECD terms to maintain our international competitiveness, in particular support for outward mobility to contribute to development of ‘Global Citizens’; and
  • migration policies which support the free flow of talent across borders, and improve our competitive position as a nation.

Ununiversites Scotland’s submission to the Inquiry can be read here.

The  report concluding the first strand of the European and External Relations Committee‘s inquiry into Connecting Scotland: how Scotland can engage most effectively in a globalising world can be read here.