Briefings & Evidence

Universities Scotland briefing for Scottish Government debate: Economic Recovery

Ahead of a debate in the Scottish Parliament on economic recovery (Wednesday 2 June 2021), Universities Scotland provided a brief to MSPs outlining universities’ contribution to the nation’s recovery from the pandemic.

In the brief we refer to a report by the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) which states that over the next five years, universities in Scotland are projected to:

  • Provide £1.2 billion of not-for-profit support to businesses and charities;
  • Help establish 1,000 new businesses and charities;
  • Provide over 1.3 million day’s worth of training and upskilling – the equivalent of half a day for Scotland’s entire workforce;
  • Contribute to over £400 million of local regeneration and development funding; and
  • Train 21,000 nurses, almost 10,000 medics, and over 22,000 teachers.

Read the full briefing here.