Briefings & Evidence

Universities Scotland: A brief for Ministerial statement on post-school reform

Universities Scotland have circulated a brief to MSPs within the Scottish Parliament ahead of the Minister for Higher Education, Further Education and Veterans, Graeme Dey’s statement to Parliament on post-school reform.

Within this brief, we have highlighted our key messages which inlcude:

  • Universities welcomed many of the bold ideas in the Withers report on skills and its learner-centred focus.
  • Universities are core to skills delivery.
  • Take action now to deliver for learners.
  • A single funding body? NDPB status is vital.
  • Withers is one of five major reports published in June/July with major implications for universities; implementation must be joined up.
  • Sustainable funding is needed more than a single funding model.
  • Transparency and co-creation of reform.

We are keen to see the direction of travel of the reform agenda which we believe the Minister will outline in his statement.