Briefings & Evidence

Scotland’s International Framework

Scotland’s International Framework sets out the Scottish Government’s internationalisation agenda and objectives, setting the context for delivery. It outlines the Government’s ambition for Scotland, its people, businesses and institutions through four strategic international objectives: enhancing our global outlook, strengthening our relationships and partnerships, increasing our reputation and attractiveness, and engaging with the European Union.

We are pleased to contribute to the call for evidence, which focusses on eight key questions  determined by the Scottish Government:-

  1. Focus of the International Framework.
  2. How to best define and measure success externally.
  3. Delivering in partnership and cross-sectoral working.
  4. Where key opportunities can be found.
  5. What are the key issues and challenges.
  6. Consideration of a ‘One Scotland’ partnership.
  7. Priority countries/sectors.
  8. Mobilising Scottish diaspora.

Universities Scotland’s submission can be read here

The Scottish Government’s International Framework was published in March 2015 and can be found here.