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Scotland’s universities and the constitution: policy issues for consideration

The constitution has been a prominent feature of policy discussion in Scotland for some time and continues to be so.

Whatever Scotland’s future, universities will be fundamental to Scotland’s people and economy. Universities will continue to educate a significant proportion of the population, equipping them with the skills they will need for their careers and to respond to challenges like the climate emergency and the post-covid recovery. Universities’ research and innovation will offer opportunities to drive Scotland’s economy and enrich its culture.

In 2012 we published an analysis of the policy issues that proponents of all potential futures need to address if the success of Scotland’s higher education sector is to be maintained.

Given the subsequent changes in the sector’s operating context, we believe it is timely to update that document.

Whilst experts in our institutions will inform discussions on the timing or mechanisms for a decision to be made on constitutional questions by Scotland’s population, Universities Scotland does not take a position on these questions.

This is presented in our paper Scotland’s universities and the constitution: policy issues for consideration.