Briefings & Evidence

Skills fit for the future: our key messages to the Scottish Parliament

We have circulated a brief to MSP’s ahead of James Withers appearing at the Scottish Parliament’s Education, Children and Young People’s Committee on Wednesday 15 November.

Within this brief, we have outlined our response to the Withers Review and what our key messages are to inform members of Parliament what the sector would like to see as part of the skills reform and the recommendations of the Withers review. These key messages are:

  • Universities welcomed many of the bold ideas in the Withers report on skills and its learner-centred focus.
  • Universities are core to skills delivery.
  • Take action now to deliver for learners.
  • A single funding body? NDPB status is vital.
  • Withers is one of five major reports published in June/July with major implications for universities; implementation must be joined up.
  • Sustainable funding is needed more than a single funding model.
  • Transparency and co-creation of reform.

You can find a fuller elaboration of our position on the Withers report in Professor Steve Oliver’s open letter from 19 July, available here.