Briefings & Evidence

Stage 3 of HE Governance Bill – briefing for MSPs on amendments

This briefing paper summaries our position on each of the amendments to the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill at Stage 3.

Our primary concern is to ensure that the Bill, as passed, represents a workable model of governance for Scotland’s 18 high-performing higher education institutions.

We offer this brief without prejudice to our members’ strong view that the Scottish Government’s model for elected Chairs will not improve the diversity and effectiveness of university governance.

Our priorities are:


  1. To ensure clarity between the two most senior roles in HE governance.
  2. To allow Ministers the potential to use discretion to grant exemptions where higher education institutions cannot adhere to the one-size-fits-all approach taken in the Bill.
  3. To retain a robust and inclusive selection process for the Senior Lay Governor.
  4. To ensure that amendments on issues that have not been subject to consultation with stakeholders, are not be passed at stage 3.
  5. To avoid highly prescriptive and unnecessary provisions in law.


Download the Stage 3 briefing paper