Briefings & Evidence

Universities Scotland’s response to the Call for Evidence for the independent review of the skills delivery landscape in Scotland

Universities Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government’s Call for Evidence for the skills delivery independent review.

In our submission, we have highlighted the importance of universities’ contribution to skills and how universities are equipping people with the high-level skills that the economy needs.

Universities are key players in responding to the challenges of the economy:

  • enabling recovery from the impact of Covid
  • moving to net zero, promoting fair work and a fair society
  • delivering technological change and more.

Our response highlights how universities contribute to both meta and vocational skills and how we work with employers and industry.

University research activities are also at the forefront of future economic growth areas and this experience informs curriculum and skills development in universities.

As well as employers, universities have a long history of working with local authorities, the Scottish Government and its public bodies, colleges and each other to respond to the skills needs for their region and for Scotland for all their students and graduates.

Our submission can be read here.