Are you looking to collaborate with one of Scotland’s universities on research and innovation?

Scotland’s universities work with around 20,000 Scottish businesses every year and another 10,000 from outside of Scotland

Scotland’s universities have an excellent track record in successful commercialisation of world-class research; they can offer space, support and advice for growing innovative companies; they can provide continued professional development (CPD) and other learning opportunities for your employees; and they can offer a range of consultancy services, information as well as conferences and events services.

Universities Scotland is not involved in the facilitation of university/business collaborations but the links below will point you in the right direction to get started.



Established in 2005 Interface connects organisations to universities and research institutions for the support they need to create and develop new products, services and processes.

It works with organisations to translate their initial requirements into a working brief that is sent to established contacts in each of Scotland’s universities and research institutions. Academic teams respond with their potential solutions allowing the business to choose most appropriate expertise, technologies or facilities.

This free and impartial service has been designed to save businesses time and money in finding an academic partner and it has already helped hundreds of businesses to increase their profits, maximise their exports and become more competitive in the marketplace.

Interface can also help organisations access a range of funding options to offset the cost of their project – most notably SFCs Innovation Voucher Scheme.

University technology

University Technology is a unique collaboration showcasing a constant portfolio of the latest technology licensing opportunities from Scotland’s academic research base.

These technologies are developed for key industry sectors and are available for the commercial market now. University Technology’s web portal aims to simplify the technology transfer process and make it even easier for businesses and investors to work with Scotland’s universities:

  • All technology opportunities in one convenient location
  • Opportunities from a wide technology base
  • Simple searchable database
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Standardised set of agreements