Edinburgh start-up creates Earth observation tool

Earth Blox is a Universty of Edinburgh start-up running a code-free, cloud-based mapping software that simplifies access to planetary scale satellite analysis.

Co-founded by two researchers in the School of Geosciences at The University of Edinburgh, the company was established on the belief that coding can be a real barrier to accessing and analysing planetary scale satellite imagery for the purposes of environmental sustainability.

The technology democratises access and so holds vast potential as a resource for any organisations involved in natural resource management, environmental monitoring, disaster mapping and mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Being cloud-based means that it can be used anywhere and requires low bandwidth.

Using Earth Blox, it is possible to easily examine and quantify the reach and spread of the recent forest fires in California or Greece, for example.

Earth Blox continues its work with notable global organisations such as Google, The GEO Secretariat, The European Space Agency, and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) but also extends its reach to help all those organisations that need to further their understanding of the profound global impact and concerns around climate change, deforestation, urban expansion, and large-scale disaster mapping.