Glasgow School of Art works with the UN on sustainable development

The Glasgow Urban Lab, a partnership between The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and Glasgow City Council, has been designated as a UN Charter Centre of Excellence. This status means that the GSA will become a key international player in the implementation of UN policies on sustainable development and on the Geneva UN Charter for Sustainable Housing.

The appointment follows a major piece of work, led by Brian Evans, Professor of Urbanism at the GSA and Director of the Glasgow Urban Lab, on sustainable housing and urban development for UN-Habitat and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in preparation for Habitat III, a UN conference which takes place every 20 years.

Energy use in homes accounted for 14 per cent of the UK’s emissions, with the vast majority of our housing stock inadequately suited for emission reduction. This challenge is replicated across the globe, with housing in many parts of the world also very poorly prepared for the many impacts of climate change such as flooding, higher temperatures and water scarcity.

The Art School has been collaborating with the UNECE in their contribution to the New Urban Agenda. The establishment of the Centre now provides a structured way for the Urban Lab at the GSA to collaborate with international partners across the UNECE in supporting the implementation of the UN’s Strategic Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.