Dundee produces digital guide for supporting mental health

Universities UK’s Stepchange Framework looks at student mental health and wellbeing through four ‘domains’ of Learn, Support, Work and Live. Universities currently resource a wide range of services to support those experiencing mental illness, as the following example shows.

The University of Dundee recognises the importance of clear communication and signposting for effectively supporting student mental health. With this in mind, the University has created a one-stop digital guide called Get help with mental healthto ensure students and staff can find essential information and support whenever they need it.

The extensive online guide is a regularly updated resource for all at the University who need help with their own or supporting another’s mental health. The University has an extensive history of work on student mental health and has undertaken proactive work in challenging areas, such as suicide safer support, for nearly two decades – by providing consistent delivery of suicide prevention and intervention training to both student and staff groups.

The University’s practical approach is used to clearly help individuals using the “Get help” resource, with clear signposting for emergency situations, wellbeing advice, work/life balance guidance, stressbuster workshops, peer support and academic-work support. During the pandemic, the detailed online resource has ensured that students retained high-level care at a challenging time, even when the campus was closed and in-person support was limited.