Edinburgh start-up protecting NHS workers

A group of University of Edinburgh students and alumni has turned over their entire business – the 3D printing of prosthetic limbs – to join the efforts being undertaken across the UK to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS​​​​​​​ frontline staff.

Created two years ago, Augment Bionics is the brainchild of two former students who wanted to create alternative options for NHS patients in need of prosthetic limbs. However, following media reports of a shortage of PPE, the team quickly converted their manufacturing equipment – high-end 3D printers – to create much-needed face masks and visors for medical staff treating patients with COVID-19.

Augment Bionics Co-Founder, Elisabeth Feldstein, said:

“Giving back to our communities has always been at the heart of our technology. When we saw the stories of other companies and individuals helping healthcare workers, we knew that it was time for us to step up.”

Sharing expertise and using the product for the benefit of society is an ethos that the team behind Augment Bionics is dedicated to achieving, explains Elisabeth:

“Shortly after we posted on social media, about our intentions to provide free PPE to the NHS, we began receiving orders and this is when the reality of the situation hit.

“This instilled a sense of urgency in our plans. We had to bring our skills together quickly and come up with a plan of action, all within 72 hours. It’s been a challenge; but a challenge we are ready to take on.”