Universities Scotland welcome appointment of new Commissioner for Fair Access

Responding to today’s Scottish Government announcement of Professor John McKendrick as the new Commissioner for Fair Access to Higher Education in Scotland, David Lott, Deputy Director of Universities Scotland said:

“We welcome the appointment of John McKendrick as Commissioner for Fair Access.  We look forward to Professor McKendrick building on the university sector’s achievements in widening access to higher education for learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, and taking a joined-up approach to how action across schools, colleges and universities can drive further progress. We also look forward to renewed work on how to measure disadvantage intelligently, so that Scottish Government policy supports access to higher education for learners who have had diverse challenges.


“The previous Commissioner, Sir Peter Scott, said we were approaching the ‘hardest mile’ of progress towards the Scottish Government’s widening access target for 2030. We look forward to the new Commissioner’s support as we travel that distance.”