Futures not Backgrounds

Universities Scotland has set out its response to the Blueprint for Fair Access, the report of the Commission on Widening Access produced in March 2016. University leaders are to take forward three broad areas of work that address a number of the recommendations made by the Commission. Work will start straight away on a review of admissions to do more to level the playing field for applicants from underrepresented backgrounds. Universities will also look at bridging programmes and summer schools to see how this activity could be more joined-up regionally and nationally, offering more choice and more transferable options. The third stream is to look at delivering more articulation routes from college, with more recognition given to credit already achieved.

Plans for the three work streams are set out in Futures not Backgrounds.

Universities Scotland has tested its ideas with Dame Ruth Silver as the previous Commissioner for widening access. Commenting on the three work streams, Dame Ruth said:

“The Commission’s recommendations require every partner in the system to do differently, go deeper to ensure all in our community have every opportunity to succeed. It will take a whole system giving its best towards this aim. Scotland’s 19 higher education institutions have already started that process in well chosen, strategic areas with pleasing speed.”

Download Futures not Backgrounds.