Scotland’s universities introduce minimum entry requirements

Over the past 18 months, universities across Scotland have been working to review their minimum entry requirements as one of the sector’s actions in Working to Widen Access. In the coming weeks, prospectuses from our 19 members will be published where minimum entry requirements for applicants from an SIMD20 background will be set out.

Alastair Sim, Director of Universities Scotland said:

Universities have led this move because we believe, like others, that it’s the right thing to do. Universities have planned their move to set minimum entry requirements very carefully based on judgements about the course content and what it takes to graduate. This is not about ticking boxes for universities; it’s about giving people chances they have worked very hard to earn, often with the odds stacked against them, with the confidence to know they have as much potential to get a good degree as their peers. Every student that gets a place at university through this new system will fully deserve their place, that’s a responsibility that universities have to all applicants and one they take very seriously.”

On the issue of displacement:

We can’t yet predict the impact this move will have on demand or on competition for degree places. Most likely, it will take a year or two to see a greater number of applications come through at the new entry levels. The timing could work out well for Scotland as there could be an opportunity to create some additional fully-funded places for Scottish-domiciled students, at no additional cost to the Scottish Government, as Brexit sees students from the EU decline in number or shift to another funding model.”