Officially one of the best higher education sectors in the world

The Times Higher has published the 2017 world university rankings. Five Scottish universities feature in the top 200 and another 7 universities feature in the list which represents the best 5 per cent of universities in the world.

Commenting on the rankings, a spokesperson said:

“With five universities in the world’s top 200 and 12 universities in the top 5 per cent of the world, Scotland has one of the very best higher education sector in the world relative to our population. That is a tremendous achievement and one in which Scotland can be very proud.

“The benefits of that level of quality and excellence are felt much more widely than the institutions themselves. It delivers a significant return to Scotland in terms of skills development, world-class research and the exports, inward investment and soft power that comes with it.

“Universities operate in an intensely competitive global arena. To stand still really is to fall behind and Scottish higher education is ambitious to keep excelling on the world stage.”

Read the Times Higher 2017 world university rankings.

The story has been covered by BBC Scotland and the Herald newspaper.