360 Degrees

Equipping Scotland's graduates for success (2012)

Scotland’s universities offer their students a fully rounded undergraduate degree – a 360Degree. This means students leave university fully prepared for the labour market. It is this kind of graduate that is sought after by employers, regardless of the recession.

360Degrees talks with 19 graduates who finished university this summer – one from every higher education institution in Scotland – and walked straight into a graduate-level job. Those graduates tell us how their time at university helped their employability and career prospects and they pass on advice to students still at university. This group of student, like so many of their peers, are highly skilled and highly motivated. They share a strong work ethic and sense of ambition.

A common theme amongst the advice given by the class of 2012 was to grab hold of every opportunity the university puts in your path and make the most of the services that university can offer you.

The publication also speaks to employers. They told us that they value graduates from Scotland’s higher education institutions. Data from employer surveys backs this up. The Scottish Employer Skills Survey confirms that employers believe 8 out of 10 graduates are well prepared for the world of work.

“Scottish universities are producing multi-skilled and agile developers who transition well into our development teams, enabling them to contribute from the offset to the delivery of our quality driven and successful products.”

Richard Hare, President of Outplay Entertainment.

Examples of our 360 Degree Graduates

What knowledge, skills and experience did you gain from your degree that helped you start your career?

“I developed problem solving, decision making, team work, communication and presentation skills. Enterprise modules allowed me to really understand more about how to run a business and be responsible for the decisions I made.

“Having guest lecturers was great. We were able to learn from industry and ask questions to gain a deeper insight into different areas of business.”

Nicola graduated in 2012 with a Business Administration (Hons) from Abertay University.

What opportunities were made available to you whilst at university?

“The career centre had a huge impact on me. I was very skeptical about these kind of facilities and what they can offer but they really improved my CV.

“They were super helpful. I think they are totally under-utilised but that is because you actively have to go to them which some people are not prepared to do.”

Sean graduated with a BA in Marketing and Politics from the University of Stirling.

What advice would you give to someone at university now?

“Definitely find the opportunities that are available to you at the university throughout your studies, be these sporting, societies or career related.

“Keep your eyes peeled for interesting opportunities. People want to give you opportunities but you have to find them first.”

Amanda got a BA in English Literature with Language and Linguistics from Aberdeen University.

Key Points:

  • 19 graduates who started in graduate-level jobs straight away talk about what they took from their time at university that helped them walk straight into a graduate level job.

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