What CfE means for university admissions in the rest of the UK

The senior phase of CfE brings change for admissions at every university because of the change of qualifications and routes through learning. It also has implications for university pedagogy as the style of learning in schools changes with CfE.

Scotland’s universities have been working closely with Curriculum for Excellence for many years in order to manage a smooth transition for pupils from the senior phase into university. Universities in the rest of the UK have not been as closed involved in the development of CfE but around 4,800 Scottish students make at least one application to universities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland so it is important that admissions offices across the UK understand the new senior phase.

This briefing, produced on the recommendation of Scotland’s 19 higher education institutions for the benefit of their UK peers, provides guidance on the key changes relevant to university admissions and suggests action that universities across the UK may want to take in advance of recruitment for entry in 2016

Key Points:

  • Around 4,800 Scottish students applied to at least one university in England, Wales or Northern Ireland in 2014.
  • All new qualifications as part of the senior phase of Curriculum for Excellence will be introduced by 2015/16.
  • University admissions offices across the whole of the UK will need to be ready for Scottish applicants who will present with new qualifications and new ways of learning.


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