Further and Higher Education ICT Strategy (2013)

The Scottish Government published a review of ICT Infrastructure in the public sector – the McClelland Report. This marks the FE and HE sector’s response to this review as developed by the HE & FE ICT Oversight Board.

Five key actions are being taken forward as a response to the McClelland Report:

  1. Establish a baseline and benchmarks for the sectors’ performance
  2. Set appropriate targets for the sectors
  3. Review the ‘data landscape’ with a view to rationalising student and course data.
  4. Develop the sector’s capacity for shared services in ICT and identify where there is expertise amongst staff.
  5. Improve value for money from ICT procurement.

Key Points:

  • ICT has the capacity to build on universities’ world-leading position as an educator.
  • IT also has the potential to improve efficiency in HE and eliminate duplication.


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