Game Changer Awards Legacy Brochure

45 colleges and universities. 30 award-winning projects. One lasting legacy from Glasgow 2014

45 colleges and universities. 30 award-winning projects. One lasting legacy from Glasgow 2014.

In 2014 Universities Scotland and Colleges Scotland partnered to deliver the Game Changer Awards in recognition and celebration of the many ways that colleges and universities were working to contribute to a legacy from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

As the Game Changer Awards was all about legacy it is fitting to return to the award-winning projects a year on from the Games to see what impact they are still delivering.

The winning projects were able to demonstrate a particular emphasis on the four legacy goals of Glasgow 2014 which were: connected, flourishing, active and sustainable.

Examples of the legacy still being delivered in higher education includes:

Joanna Warwick, gold medal winner as part of Aberdeen University’s Commonwealth Sports Tour in the Learning and Skills category
Joanna now has a career as a sports coach at Aberdeen Sports Village following her experience volunteering as part of Aberdeen University’s Commonwealth Sports Tour for school children from P4 to S2.


“I have gained and improved a variety of skills from my experience coaching such as leadership and organisation. I receive a sense of achievement when I am able to teach a new sport to children who would not otherwise have had exposure to this sport. At the end of the summer I was delighted to be offered a job on the coaching team at Aberdeen Sports Village.”


Disability Tennis Programme at the University of Stirling. Bronze medal winner in the Student Achievement Category
Stirling and Bridge of Allan now has a university and community multi-sport club for disabled users. This grew out of the Disability Tennis Programme that won a Game Changer Award. Students at the University wanted to open up tennis to the local community and the initial project has kick-started a number of parasport activities at Stirling University. It’s  hoped this flagship initiative will work to break down barriers and that more disabled people will seek opportunities to participate in sport at the University’s Centre for Sporting Excellence.

Key Points:

  • 90 per cent of the students and staff involved in the Game Changer Awards said that their participation made them feel more involved in the special event of Glasgow 2014.
  • The legacy brochure catches up with 30 award-winning projects across the HE and FE sector one year after the Games.


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