Working Smarter 2014

Working Smarter is the output of Universities Scotland’s Efficiency Taskforce. The Taskforce’s second work programme continues in four key areas: procurement, business processes, ICT and the university estate. Efficiency goals to 2017 include:


To undertake an inventory of the research infrastructure across the sector to better understand opportunities for its efficient use.

Business Process Improvement:

To work with the Scottish HE Improvement Network to identify and encourage the taking-up of new opportunities.


The Taskforce will prioritise shared services in procurement and ICT where they offer real savings or cost-avoidance.

The university estate:

Encourage best practice with regards to sustainability and social responsibility in the university estate and carbon reduction

Key Points:

  • £20 million a year saved through the sector’s shared service approach to procurement
  • £276 million saved through efficiencies in the last five years.


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