Publication of the Scottish Government’s Purpose and Principles

Today the Scottish Government has published its Purpose and Principles framework for building an excellent post-school education, research and skills ecosystem. Commenting on the framework, Sir Paul Grice, Vice Convener of Universities Scotland, said:

“Universities will always support a learner-centered approach and are relentlessly focused on delivering for Scotland’s people and economy with a very strong record of return on investment. The purpose and principles speak of financial resilience. That is the bedrock on which student choice, and quality and research competitiveness and other fundamental principles depend. Government has a key responsibility to invest properly in higher education to ensure these principles can be delivered in practice.

“Universities have had four major Scottish-Government reports land on desks in recent weeks, with at least two still to come. Given that context, the purpose and principles can add value as an overarching framework, ensuring that vital connections are made between different strands of work. The framework is currently framed at a macro-level; there needs to be a lot more engagement and transparency to develop the detail of the way forward, in order to provide students, staff and institutions with much-needed confidence in the future.”