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Race Equality Toolkit

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Racial Equality Considerations in Assessment

#3Can assessment instruments and procedures be re-examined to encourage inclusion?

Assessment criteria could be more inclusive of different learner and learning styles e.g. the ability to engage with critical reflection could be assessed as well as the ability to summarise information from a variety of sources.

School of Medicine

Acknowledgement and understanding of potentially diverse values, perspectives and doctor/patient circumstances are assessed both through written work (modified essay/problem-solving and extended matching questions) and as part of structured clinical examinations throughout the undergraduate course. Specific scenarios are posed to ascertain if students have actively engaged with the issues as part of their learning.

Some examples include:

  • requesting informed consent for a patient who is is of a particular faith who is about to undergo abdominal surgery for repair of an aortic abdominal aneurysm (members of this faith have deep religious convictions against accepting homologous or autologous whole blood, packed red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets)
  • explaining the need for a pelvic examination to the parents of a teenage girl whose upbringing comes from within a modest tradition (some traditions and cultures are very sensitive to any perceived violation linked to virginity).