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Race Equality Toolkit

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Setting the Context

#6Scotland: a small country but not a country of small minds

Scotland, a country of some five million people, is now actively seeking a flow of fresh talent to flourish alongside native-born Scots and secure its place as an essential part of the global economy. The Scottish Parliament and Executive are committed to tackling racial discrimination and prejudice and to developing a modern, dynamic Scotland — one that fosters integration but respects diversity. The website One Scotland: No Place for Racism has been developed to promote these messages.

A review of race equality in Scotland by the Scottish Executive at the end of 2005 found that more action still needs to be taken as many people, particularly visible minority ethnic people, are still finding their choices and opportunities limited because of their race, whether this discrimination is by design or default.

Education is one of the most powerful weapons you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela