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Race Equality Toolkit

Learning and Teaching

Embedding Race Equality into the Curriculum


Providing opportunities for students to consider racial equality as well as matters of racism as part of their study will help them to develop their confidence to engage with these concepts as part of their future practice, thinking and skills for life.

Some courses offer more scope than others for the consideration of racial equality within their content, but all courses provide opportunities to address race-related matters in areas such as teaching strategies and classroom ethos.

This section of the Toolkit focuses on how lecturers can consider issues of racial equality as part of the curriculum through consideration of the following:

This section draws from many of the examples submitted by academics across Scotland and elsewhere in the UK; these are used for illustrative purposes only. These are not intended to be sections about specific subject areas or to prescribe how specific subject centres should proceed.

There are limited examples from the disciplines of mathematics, science, engineering and technology courses. It is prudent to state that not all academic areas lend themselves easily to mainstreaming race equality as either a discrete or a permeative topic. The abstract and/or materialist nature of mathematics and some science, for example, leaves little room for incorporating race-related matters. However, there are ideas in this section and later which offer suggestions on how staff in these fields could consider race equality issues within their practice.

Transformation is a process rather than an outcome. Helping students to critically consider race equality matters is part of increasing students’ knowledge base as well as their thinking on diversity matters.