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Racial Equality Strategies in Learning and Teaching

#5Further useful resources

There is a plethora of websites that provide advice on adapting practice to suit different learner needs. The following provides a sample of such sites which give advice for developing generic inclusive teaching and also refer to cultural and ethnic diversity.

Teaching for Inclusion: Diversity in the College Classroom
A useful resource written by staff at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina. This publication recognises the changing demographics in many university classrooms and provides easy-to-use source of ideas and teaching techniques to help create an inclusive classroom atmosphere. Chapter Two provides ideas for enabling an inclusive classroom.
Inclusive Teaching Practice (University of Tasmania)
This is an on-line resource for staff to consider diversity issues in developing an inclusive learning and teaching environment. There is a basic checklist to aid thinking about inclusion in the classroom.

The following provide useful advice for working with international students.

UK Council for International Student Affairs has two useful resources:

  1. Discussing difference, discovering similarities (2009)
    A toolkit designed to aid academic staff and those working with students in a support role to improve interaction and cross-cultural learning between students from different cultural backgrounds. This includes cultural diversity in its broadest sense and goes beyond “home” and “international” delineations. The activities included will, hopefully, encourage more interaction and deeper interaction, and will support students to discuss cultural differences and find similarities in ways that feel both safe and constructive.
    This toolkit is downloadable as a pdf document. There is also an activity resources document which can be downloaded and photocopied.
  2. Bridging our Worlds DVD (2008)
    In this DVD students from across the globe talk frankly about the things that have surprised, puzzled and challenged them about living and studying in the UK. British students and staff also reflect on the issues facing international students, how they can help with the adjustment process, and what they themselves have learnt from the varied perspectives and experiences international students bring with them.

Read the narrative of this lecturer in Museum Studies discussing how cultural diversity and interpretations do impact on learning.