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#3Websites concerning inclusive learning and teaching

There is a multitude of websites available for consultation on issues related to inclusive learning and teaching. Though many are designed for primary and secondary schools, some of the principles are transferable for use in colleges and universities. Some particularly useful websites are listed below. Most of these websites have further links to other websites and resources. Many of the websites below provide advice and tips for developing an inclusive approach on a range of equality issues, not just race equality.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (USA): Advice on Effective Curriculum Transformation (The Diversity Web)

The site is designed to act as an interactive resource hub for higher education and claims to be “the most comprehensive compendium of campus practices and resources about diversity in higher education that you can find anywhere”. This is an excellent site, which is easy to use and saturated with good practice examples.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice Toolkit

This is a resource designed to assist staff at Flinders University to promote “mutually respectful relationships” and translate the university’s policies into practice. The toolkit is designed essentially for self-reflection or for small groups to stimulate discussion on current practice and identifying ways to improve. It focuses specifically on learning and teaching, research, leadership and administration and the university community. There are many useful links to other sites pertaining to culture and also addressing international students and settling into a new country.

The Education Alliance at Brown University: Teaching Diverse Learners website

The site is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of educators to work effectively and equitably with English language learners.

La Trobe University: Developing an Inclusive Curriculum

This is a cultural diversity and inclusive practice toolkit covering learning and teaching issues, supervising research students, religion and a range of formal and informal events, e.g. organising culturally inclusive social events.

Leeds University Anti-Racist Toolkit

This is an excellent toolkit designed for higher education. It covers a range of institutional areas from learning and teaching to employment and student recruitment issues. Section 2 on Conceptual Tools is particularly useful as background reading to complement the Scottish Race Equality Toolkit. There is also a section referring to other toolkits which may be useful for overall institutional use. This toolkit provides excellent material for all aspects of HE functions from employment to contracts and purchasing.

Seven Principles for Good Practice: Enhancing Student Learning (Winona State University)

This set of principles has been established after reviewing fifty years of research on learning and teaching in undergraduate education. It focuses on policies and practices that enhance the student learning experience.

University of California, Berkeley: Tools for Teaching(from the book Tools for Teaching by Barbara Gross Davis, Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1993)

This site provides succinct guidelines to educators in approaching diversity in classrooms. Furthermore, the site’s homepage also has links to other useful tools for inclusive learning and teaching.

The University of Pittsburgh (USA): Diversity Across The Curriculum

The link leads to the University’s Diversity Homepage. On the site, there is a section “Diversity Resources” which provides links to a range of other useful websites related to race equality and multiculturalism.

University of Strathclyde: Teachability

The Teachability project promotes the creation of an accessible curriculum for students with disabilities through making freely available informative publications for academic staff. This site has a range of booklets which can be downloaded covering areas such as course programmes, placements, e-learning, examinations and assessment. It is an excellent site for practical advice on improving accessibility for students with disabilities.

University of Tasmania: Inclusive Teaching Practice

This resource is designed to assist staff to develop teaching strategies to ensure they are inclusive of the needs of all minorities.

It includes a checklist as well as links to other key resources available on the web. The site contains excellent information on a multitude of issues including internationalisation of the curriculum, inclusive teaching practices, assessment, and strategies for improving teaching. Using the pull-down menus on the site, users can access all of this, and much more.

University of Washington: Inclusive Teaching

This website has been developed by the centre for Instructional Development and Research. It focuses on strategies that are designed to help teachers communicate positively with students and involve them all as equal learners. It is easy to use and particularly good for resources and good practice examples.

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching

This website includes a range of resources, services and programmes for supporting diversity in a variety of academic contexts.