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Useful websites and Reading

#2Scottish-related websites, articles and research reports about racism, sectarianism and race-related issues

2.1 Websites (Scotland)

One Scotland: No Place for Racism

The Scottish Government website on tackling racism. Provides information on race-related matters in Scotland.

Scottish Government Mainstreaming equalities website

A useful website which links a range of equality issues e.g. gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability and social class. It also provides a mainstreaming toolkit with practical suggestions and very useful data relating to the Scottish context.

Scottish Interfaith Council

An education resource for teaching staff, this was produced in Scotland to tackle sectarianism and religious intolerance. A useful site with lots of lesson ideas and information on sectarianism in Scotland. Also includes links to other sites in the UK and elsewhere giving information about faiths and beliefs, Islamophobia and much more.

Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland (CERES)

Based in the School of Education, University of Edinburgh, this national centre provides advice, consultancy, research and resources to the education sector in Scotland on race equality issues. The website provides links to useful Scottish and international sites on race equality including information about Scottish-based research related to race equality.

Scottish Refugee Council

The Scottish Refugee Council is an independent charity dedicated to providing advice, information and assistance to asylum seekers and refugees living in Scotland. It also provides specialist services in areas such as housing and welfare, education and employment, family reunion, women’s issues, community development, the media and the arts.

Scottish Traveller Education Project (STEP)

STEP has a resource centre which holds one of the most substantial collections of resources on Gypsy and Traveller issues in Scotland. It is based in the School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

2.2Books/articles (Scottish — a selection)

2.3Science and Engineering

Cronin, C., Foster, M. and Lister, E. (1999) “SET for the future: working towards inclusive science, engineering and technology curricula in higher education”, Studies in Higher Education, vol. 24, no. 2, London: Routledge;

Though this paper concentrated on addressing the under-representation of women in SET, many of the issues identified from the research are relevant when considering race-related matters, in particular:

As a result of the SET Student Survey, guidelines were drawn up to assist inclusive course design and teaching.

2.4Research reports (a selection)

The overall aim of this research was to inform the development of a classification of ethnic identity in Scotland that better captured the diversities of Scottish people and the needs of service providers and users.

2.5The Higher Education Academy: Internationalisation

The Higher Education Academy site’s section on Internationalisation provides an excellent range of resources, case studies, papers, information about forthcoming events that academics looking to consider global issues would find very useful.

There are annual conferences that produce papers which are relevant to issues of equality and diversity. See, for example, Annual Conference 2008

The HEAcademy has been collecting case studies on the theme of Internationalisation.