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Useful websites and Reading

#4Subject-specific websites

Whilst there is a wide range of websites dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, the number of websites dedicated to subject-specific diversity is few in comparison.

Florida International University — Center for Diversity in Engineering and Computing (CDEC)

The CDEC has been established to support under-represented ethnic and gender groups entering engineering. The website outlines the group?s goals and objectives and provides links to relevant programmes.

The Higher Education Academy: Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies

This subject centre has produced faith guides which have been written by academics for academics. There is also a Cultural and Religious Diversity page which provides links to many useful sites on religion and ethics.

Institute for Diversity in Engineering and Society (IDEAS)

The Institute for Diversity in Engineering And Society (IDEAS) is a non-profit organisation working with industry, education and the community to promote the valuing of diversity in engineering and society. The website provides information about design projects and curriculum materials from the AWIM Program developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Foundation.

Purdue University (USA) — Diversity Forum

Purdue University established a Multicultural Forum in the College of Engineering in 1998. The Forum is balanced between didactic information about race and ethnicity and individual sharing about personal experiences.