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#5Useful papers

British Council (2007) Cultural Connections: Making the most of the international student experience. Cultural Connections

Is based on the previous British Council publication Feeling at home. Topics covered include cultural awareness, culture shock, customs and politeness, food, religions and festivals, socialising, finance, study methods and more.

Race and Pedagogy Project — California

The site is an academic resource intended to provide teachers, students, researchers and the interested public with on-site research, bibliographies of research and teaching materials. There are extensive links to articles and resources related to race and pedagogy issues.

Busch-Vishniac, Ilene J. and Jarosz, Jeffrey P. (2004) Can Diversity in the Undergraduate Engineering Population Be Enhanced through Curricular Change?, Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, vol. 10, pp. 255–81, Connecticut: Begell House Inc.;

The authors of this paper adopted the working hypothesis that the undergraduate engineering curriculum will be made more attractive without compromising it technically if it enhances the links between subjects and the links between fundamentals and applications, reduces critical path lengths in the course sequence, introduces team experiences into all courses and creates an atmosphere of inclusion rather than exclusion.

They also suggest improving linkage between separate course elements, e.g. maths, physics and applications, and contextualising these better in social/cultural contexts, both historical and contemporary. The need for links to social relevance is particularly acute for women and ethnic minorities. Consideration should be given to introducing more historical and personal context into engineering courses; even the simple act of discussing contributions of men and women and of different ethnic groups and nationalities who first applied fundamental concepts in particular fields has a positive and inclusive effect.

The authors also discuss linking engineering to other areas via joint degrees on the basis that many participate in the engineering profession without the benefit of any educational experience in engineering.

Olsen, A. (2001) Diversity and Inclusivity in Teaching and Learning and Student Services in Australia Strategy Policy and Research Education Pte Ltd