Research is a key part of the fight against COVID-19

The Scottish Government has announced a set of 50 rapid studies, led by 15 of Scotland’s universities, to research ways to tackle the virus, manage the response and limit the impact it will have the impact on people’s lives.

The 50 separate studies include work to:

  • better understand the effects of infection
  • develop and test new diagnostics and treatments
  • investigate new disease surveillance approaches
  • inform interventions to prevent transmission of infection
  • support the mental health of frontline health and social care workers
  • understand the physical and mental health implications of lockdown measures

They will all start immediately and will all deliver within six months. Responding to the announcement, Alastair Sim, Director of Universities Scotland said:

“This is an amazing set of research projects which will deliver such an impact in Scotland’s fight against and recovery from COVID-19. The findings from this research will benefit the those working on the frontline of the NHS, the lives of our most vulnerable, socially isolated and most affected by the virus, it will also give Scotland the confidence to plan a safe and successful route out of this.

“To get going on such a broad range of research topics this quickly and to deliver them just months from now shows the responsiveness and relevance of university research to our every day lives. I couldn’t be prouder of what it says about the talent and strength of the research base we have in Scotland and what an asset that is.”

You can find the Scottish Government announcement and full list of projects here.

The universities receiving funding to take forward the 50 projects are:

  • University of Aberdeen: 6 projects
  • University of Dundee: 2 projects
  • University of Edinburgh: 8 projects
  • Glasgow Caledonian University: 3 projects
  • University of Glasgow: 9 projects
  • Edinburgh Napier University: 3 projects
  • Queen Margaret University: 2 projects
  • Robert Gordon University: 1 project
  • University of St Andrews: 3 projects
  • University of Strathclyde: 4 projects
  • Scotland’s Rural College: 1 project
  • University of Stirling: 10 projects
  • University of the Highlands and Islands: 1 project
  • University of the West of Scotland: 1 project