Scotland’s Universities Welcome India

A delegation of 21 senior leaders from Scotland’s higher education sector are accompanying Deputy First Minister John Swinney on an official visit to India today, December 1 2017.

The mission, a joint venture between the Scottish Government, British Council, Scottish Development International and Universities Scotland, will meet with key Indian government officials, education policymakers and business leaders. Together, they will share the message that ‘Scotland’s universities welcome India’  whilst demonstrating Scotland’s reputation in research, innovation and learning.

Over the course of the four day visit to Mumbai and Dehli, the delegation will host a joint-programme of events to build and showcase partnerships with key industries: Scottish/Indian collaboration in developing skills for fashion; policy and research on building sustainable future cities; potential new university-university partnerships between Scottish and Indian universities; and social enterprise to promote community well-being, among others.

The programme will also include an alumni event for recent graduates and business leaders who have studied in Scottish universities or worked in collaboration with them, a research and innovation seminar to showcase incredible international partnership projects between Scotland and India, and a traditional St Andrews Day reception to celebrate Scottish culture.

There are currently over 1,300 Indian students studying in Scotland and the delegation will celebrate the excellent quality of Indian students at under-graduate and post-graduate levels in Scottish universities. During the trip, Scottish universities will promote scholarship opportunities for Indian students studying in Scotland and reinforce their commitment to welcoming excellent scholars. As well as highlighting the quality of existing Indian students at Scottish universities, the mission will work together to promote Scotland as a welcoming destination for Indian students in the future.

Professor Richard A. Williams, Principal at Heriot-Watt University and Convener of Universities Scotland’s International Committee at Universities Scotland said: “Scottish universities are celebrating their long-standing connections with India in this visit and are united in their warm welcome to students, universities and business partners.

“Our internationally recognised excellence in pioneering education and research is especially relevant as India and UK adopt new medical and energy technologies and policies underpinned by our modern digital lifestyles. To mark the visit, we are also pleased to present a wide range of scholarships opportunities for students. Scotland’s universities are passionate about our partnership with India.”

The India higher education mission is part a global campaign called ‘Scotland’s universities welcome the world’ which celebrates the diversity and inclusivity of Scottish universities. It is backed by all 19 higher education institutions across Scotland, which are already home to over 180 different nationalities among their students and staff.

For more information about the mission in India, visit or check out #ScotlandWelcomesIndia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.