Tavish Scott MSP appointed Education and Sport spokesperson for Scottish Liberal Democrat Party

Scottish LibDem leader, Willie Rennie MSP, has announced his party’s team of spokespeople. The team, with a gender balance of seven women and five men, sees Tavish Scott MSP (Shetland Islands) a former leader of the party, take up the role of spokesperson on Education and sport.

The newly elected MSP Mike Rumbles (North East Scotland) has been given responsibility for Rural Affairs as well as Business Manager for the Party.

The full list of spokespeople and portfolios is as follows:

  • Willie Rennie MSP, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Finance
  • Katy Gordon, Chair of the 2017 Local Election Campaign
  • Cllr Carolyn Caddick, Economy
  • Tavish Scott MSP, Education and sport
  • Sheila Thomson, Children
  • Cllr Eileen McCartin, Culture
  • Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, Health
  • Cllr Karen Clark, Social care
  • Caron Lindsay, Social security
  • Liam MacArthur MSP, Justice and energy
  • Christine Jardine, Environment
  • Mike Rumbles MSP, Rural Affairs and Business Manager

Read the  Scottish LiDems press release in full here 

Details on the Leadership Portfolios for the other Scottish political parties: