Thousands of Scots get a place at university through clearing

New statistics published today by UCAS, the UK-wide admissions body, shows that almost three thousand Scottish-domiciled students have secured a place at university in Scotland over the last week, in addition to the 22,770 accepted applicants announced on Higher results day. The majority of these places will have been secured through the clearing system.

As of midnight on Wednesday, 14 August, 2,780 Scottish domiciled students had found a place at university in Scotland, taking the number of Scots accepted to university to a total of 25,550. This represents a 12.2 per cent increase on the 22,770 Scots accepted by Higher results day. As reported last week, more of Scotland’s 19 higher education institutions entered clearing, with places available to Scottish-domiciled student, than last year.

The figures are revealed as school pupils across the rest of the UK receive their A-level results. The figures also show the number of English, Welsh and Northern Irish students accepted by universities in Scotland.

The number of applicants from the rest of the UK accepted by Scotland’s universities was up by 400, or 9.3 per cent compared to the same time last year.

The number of international students (from outside of the EU) accepted also increased by 9 per cent. This year saw a drop in the number of EU students accepted, falling by 6 per cent.

The data, showing thousands more Scots taking up opportunities at Scotland’s universities was welcomed by Alastair Sim, Director of Universities Scotland:

“Even before clearing opened to Scots we were delighted to see more Scots than ever before accepted into university in Scotland. Last week we were keen to get the message across that clearing places were available to Scots and that more universities were in the clearing system this year compared to last. Today’s figures show thousands more finding places through the clearing system over the last week. It’s great news that even more students will have the opportunity to realise their potential at university.”

Mr Sim also congratulated school leavers across the rest of the UK and welcomed the continuation of cross-border flows of students:

“Well done and congratulations to all students who have received the A-level results they needed to secure their place at university. We’re delighted to welcome students from across the UK to study in Scotland and consider the cross border flows of students, in both directions, to be very positive.

“It’s encouraging to see a modest increase in the number of students from the rest of the UK coming to Scotland and it’s a ringing endorsement for Scottish higher education. With some of the highest levels of student satisfaction and the UK’s best rates of graduate destinations we know we have a lot to offer students and it’s clear that this is recognised across the UK.”

Final numbers accepted into Scotland’s universities won’t be made available until UCAS publishes its end of cycle report, expected in September or October 2013.



The figures can be found in a statistical release published by UCAS here. Tables B.11 and B.12 relate to accepted applicants to Scotland.