Universities respond to the cancellation of the school exam diet in Scotland

Following the announcement that this year’s diet of exams have been cancelled, Director of Alastair Sim said:

“The decision to cancel the school exam diet has clearly been incredibly difficult for the Scottish Government and Qualifications body. Universities support the need to put pupil safety and wellbeing first and so we recognise the need for this decision in today’s unprecedented circumstances.

“Universities will work very closely with the Scottish Qualifications Authority, schools, Government and others to make this work. We want to ensure that even in the extraordinary circumstances of the moment, learners are able to demonstrate their abilities and progress to higher education.

“Scotland’s universities enrol significant numbers of new students from England and Wales every year so yesterday’s announcement from the UK Government’s to cancel school exams in England and Wales will have significant implications for universities here too. We’re working across both Governments to understand the details behind the announcement and come up with a solution that works in these exceptional times.”