Universities Scotland comments on latest UCAS application figures

Commenting on today’s UCAS application figures for 2018 entry, Universities Scotland spokesperson said:

“Today’s figures show that demand for Scottish higher education remains very high. This means that there will be no let-up in the fierce competition for places amongst applicants.

“We have seen a fall in applications from those from the most deprived areas of Scotland (SIMD20) by 18 year olds although it is still higher than any year bar 2017. This is offset by an increase in overall applications from SIMD20 areas. Applications do not guarantee a placing at university but all our institutions are working hard to ensure that the diversity of Scottish society is reflected at our institutions.

“Our institutions are committed to the idea of lifelong learning so it’s welcome to see the increase in the number of mature learners applying to university. Mature learners will play a significant role in helping the sector reach its widening access targets. It’s also really important to Scotland’s economic success to have people from all ages and backgrounds gaining new knowledge and skills.”