Universities Scotland comments on new points-based immigration system

Following the publication of a proposed new points-based immigration system by the Home Office, the Director of Universities Scotland, Alastair Sim said:

“Since the EU referendum, universities in Scotland have been clear that we need an immigration system that recognises the importance of higher education and the value that our sector places on being able to attract talent from across the world. The UK Government’s proposals make some recognition of that. However much detail remains to be worked out, for instance about how easy it will be for students to get a visa to come to the UK, and about how the regime will affect part-time academics.

“Most importantly, we need clear messages from the UK and Scottish Governments that we welcome the talents that people bring to our nation from the EU and the wider world. This flow of talent is critical to Scotland’s success, and we want Scotland to be able to welcome people who choose to make their contribution here.”

You can read Universities Scotland’s submission to the Migration Advisory Committee’s Call for Evidence on Salary Thresholds and the Points-based System on our website.