Universities Scotland launches economic report

Universities Scotland position: Universities Scotland has launched a major report on how Scotland’s economic strategy should change in response to the new economic reality facing the country. The report, “What was/What next?”, offers an analysis based on verifiable evidence which offers a future direction for policy which is not simply an extension of what we’re already doing.

Convener of Universities Scotland and advisor to “What was/What next?”, Professor Anton Muscatelli, said:


“This report is a major intervention in the debate on future economic policy in Scotland which draws upon the knowledge and expertise of 11 of Scotland’s leading economists. It is the role of universities to try to bring the best analysis and evidence to the table when we as a nation are talking about the issues that affect the lives of every Scot. That is what we’ve tried to do here, and even though there are points people will find controversial we hope it will be received in the positive spirit in which it was produced.”