Universities Scotland’s response to the University of Aberdeen’s fees announcement for rest of UK students

Following today’s (26 August) announcement by the University of Aberdeen on the level at which to set fees for students from the rest of the UK choosing to study in Scotland, Universities Scotland’s Director, Alastair Sim said:


“In light of the increase to fees in England, the Scottish Government has had to make some tough policy decisions. The proposed new fees regime will protect places for Scottish students and allow universities to compete on a level footing with universities in England. In doing so it will help protect Scottish universities’ international reputation for excellence and diversity.

“All Principals have made clear that they want to remain open and attractive to students from right across the UK and that every university will examine bursary and scholarship provision to ensure students from all walks of life have the opportunity of a Scottish university education. The University of Aberdeen’s announcement makes important commitments on bursary support, and on ensuring that the four year Scottish degree remains an attractive option for students from across the UK.”