Response to HESA’s UK Performance Indicators for non-continuation 2014/15

Responding to the publication of HESA’s UK Performance Indicators for non-continuation on Wednesday 23 March, Universities Scotland’s Director, Alastair Sim, said:


“Given the progress that had been made in each of the previous five years in Scotland, we are disappointed to see a small 0.5% increase in the number of full-time undergraduate students leaving their degree course last year.

“There can be many reasons, academic and personal, why a student might decide to leave their institution. Importantly, universities’ academic and student support services will always do all they can to help them through any difficulties and advise on the options available to them in their individual circumstances.

“Today’s data don’t give us enough detail to understand what issues students encountered last year. We do know, however, that efforts on widening access and retention go hand-in-hand, and we will be considering work on retention alongside the final recommendations made by the Commission on Widening Access.”