Universities Scotland responds to UCAS figures released today, Monday 30 January

Responding to today’s UCAS figures which show the rate of applicants by the 15 January deadline, Alastair Sim, Director of Universities Scotland said:


“Last year around five per cent of English applicants applied to university in Scotland. What’s really interesting from today’s figures is that whilst the overall number of English applicants is down, Scotland’s share of those applicants has actually held steady and is the same as last year. Universities in England have seen a sharper drop in English applicants than Scottish universities. We’re pleased that students across the UK and overseas continue to recognise the high quality of education on offer in Scotland.”



  • The proportion of all English applicants applying to Scotland was 5.5% this year compared to 5.3% last year.
  • In line with an expected demographic dip in the number of school leavers, the total number of English applicants fell from 494,479 in 2011 to 446,363 in 2012.
  • The UCAS figures show a -9.8% drop in English applicants to universities in England compared to a -5.6% drop in English applicants to universities in Scotland. Table 4f.
  • There was 24.7 per cent increase in international (non-EU) students to Scottish universities.
  • The increase in EU applicants to Scotland is 6.0% which is lower than anticipated and lower than last year (8.3%)
  • The UCAS statistics can be found in full at the link below. Table 4f is most relevant to cross-border applications: