Universities Scotland comments on Advisory Group on Economic Recovery report

Commenting on the Towards a Robust, Resilient Wellbeing Economy for Scotland report by the Scottish Government’s independent Advisory Group on Economic Recovery, Universities Scotland Director Alastair Sim said:

“We welcome the report’s belief that this will be an education-led recovery and its view that universities have a systemically important role. This is a responsibility that universities take seriously. We recognise the scale of challenge facing all aspects of Scotland’s economy and society and we share the view that we must use this disruption to re-examine and reimagine. University leaders are actively considering the shifts that universities can make to respond to the changed needs of our young people, those who face unemployment and Scottish businesses as well as our students and staff.

“Scotland has pulled together very effectively to get through the peak of the pandemic but we must now provide the same determination to meet the longer-term challenges ahead and build deeper and more strategic collaborations in order to achieve the robust, resilient wellbeing economy as set out in the report from the Economic Advisory Group. As a sector, Scotland’s universities are here to do exactly that.”