March 20 2008

Increase in international students

Universities Scotland position: One in five students are from overseas allowing institutions to collect £181m last year through international fees. Wider benefits are also being felt in Scotland with an estimated £172m fed into Scotland’s economy by the students. Recent research by Universities Scotland concluded that for every three overseas students in the country, one […]

March 13 2008

Further funding for universities

Universities Scotland position: The Scottish Government has found an additional £10m for universities to help with current pressures. Sir Muir Russell, convener of Universities Scotland, said:   “This goes a very long way to addressing the cost pressures the university sector will face in 2008-09. It is also an encouraging signal of intent from the […]

February 29 2008

Private providers applying for university status

Universities Scotland position: The use of the title university is strictly controlled in order to maintain the internationally recognised reputation of universities. There are tight rules regarding the use of the term university in the name of a company and also when applying to become a university. Businesses would be required to undertake a long […]

January 28 2008

Additional £10m funding from the Scottish Government

Universities Scotland position: Since the announcement of the Scottish budget Universities Scotland has had helpful discussions with the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning about the cost pressures on universities in 2008-09. We were pleased to be assured that the universities were at the top of the priority list for any additional funding which […]

January 21 2008
students in classroom studying

Salaries of Principals of Scottish higher education institutions

Universities Scotland position: The salary of each Principal is normally decided by a Remuneration Committee of the institution’s Governing Body, independently of the Principal and takes into consideration a number of issues, including comparative salary information from other sectors. The higher education sector in Scotland is a £1.9 billion business and it is imperative that […]

January 13 2008

Plagiarism in Scottish universities

Universities Scotland position: The higher education sector in Scotland has an extremely rigorous quality regime in place in order to effectively detect plagiarism. More sophisticated methods are being employed in order to detect plagiarism and many Scottish universities use advanced plagiarism detection software. It is also important to point out that the factor that counts […]

Universities Scotland

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